Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Catching up with older drawings.

i've lagged off schedule with my posts, so to catch up, i'm going to go ahead and post some older drawings...it kind of defeats the purpose of getting me to draw more, but i've been sick...and lazy...and some of this, that, and the other...my goal was to have a post for every day of the year...knowing there'd be days where i wouldn't post, i was settling for 365 posts for the year (i'm still on pace for that) but i noticed that i had over 50 posts for January (kind of over zealous of me, huh?) and i only had less than 10 for Feb. i want to have at least close to the days of the month worth of posts, ie: at least 25 for Feb. (28 days) and somewhere near there for all other months...some days i just don't have the time, or i didn't draw anything i feel is worthwhile...work has been rough and getting rougher, frankly i don't feel like bothering after the soul-sucking day at the sweat-shop...

so here's some older drawings i found in an old sketchbook...
i haven't drawn Khina in quite some time.

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